How It Works

Our 3-Step Home Selling Process

Tell us about the house you want to sell by filling in the form below or calling us at (855) 835-2544‪. We want to learn more about your property before making an offer.

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We connect you to cash buyers in your local market who will present you with fair offers for your house. You get to choose the cash offer that best fits your home sale!

We set a closing date that aligns with your home selling timeline and you receive cash for your house!

What Info Will You Need From Me?

Along with your property address and a way to contact you, we like to collect a little more info to help us connect you with cash buyers who can help in your unique situation. This includes…

Your timeline for selling, the current condition of the home, how long you’ve owned the property, and the reason for wanting to sell.

This information will help us figure out how we can provide the best solution for you. Our goal is to connect you with local cash buyers in our network, so you can sell your house ASAP for a fair price and hassle free.

How We Determine Our Cash Offer


After Repair Value (ARV): This is the market value of your home after we buy and renovate your house.

Cost Of Repairs: This is what we estimate our cost will be to update the house to current market conditions, and it’s what you are saving (along with your time) if you sell your house to us!

Our Selling Costs: This is an estimate of the cost of selling commissions, excise tax, property tax, utilities, insurance (title and property and escrow fees.) It’s typically around 10% of the ARV.

Return On Investment (ROI): This is how we pay our contractors and keep the business running. If we didn’t return some level of profit, we wouldn’t be a great business!

Want To Know What YOUR Numbers Are?

Complete our quick form, and we will be in touch to discuss your property and cash offer.

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Still have questions? Please visit our frequently asked questions page or give us a call (855) 835-2544. We are happy to chat with you before you submit your property information. 🙂

House Buyer Network™ vs. Traditional Home Sale

Selling one of your biggest assets (if not the biggest asset) you own is a HUGE deal! We don’t want sellers to have any regrets, which is why we recommended checking out all of your options before selling your home.

While you may be able to get a higher “top line” sales price listing with an agent, it doesn’t always boil down to more money in your pocket. Many people forget to subtract realtor commissions and closing costs from the asking price. And this doesn’t even account for the amount of time and stress involved.

Let’s compare selling your house to House Buyer Network vs. with a real estate agent… 

Selling to House Buyer NetworkSelling with a Real Estate Agent
• You pay 0% in commission and NO fees.• You typically pay 6% of the sales price in commission.
• We pay ALL closing costs.• You pay 2%-4% of the sales price in closing costs.
• Close within 7-28 days or on your timeline.• Closing can take 60-90 days after accepting an offer.
• Sell in “as-is” condition without making any repairs.• Make repairs to meet market standards.
• No formal inspections.• Most buyers request an inspection, which can drop the sale price or result in more repairs.
• No open houses or endless showings.• There can be 20+ showings and open houses.
• No appraisal or financing contingencies.• If an appraisal comes back lower than expected, you may be forced to lower your sale price.

Our Sellers Had Positive Experiences With Us!

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…And We Think You Will, Too! 🙂

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No Headaches. No Hassles. SOLD.

At House Buyer Network™, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners since 2004. We work hard to maintain our trusted brand across the country because our goal is to reach as many homeowners who we can help get out of a tough real estate situation. If you’re facing foreclosure, inherited a property, moving due to family or a job, don’t want to sell with an agent, or just need cash, our network of house buyers is ready to make you a fair, all-cash offer today!

how it works