If you have recently wondered, “Is there a way to sell my house fast?” you’re not alone. Many homeowners find that traditional selling techniques take too long. The realtor is likely to require a six-month contract or longer, which means you’re stuck letting them try to sell your house. Along with such, the realtor or the buyer is likely to require an inspection, which can turn up a variety of issues that you need to get repaired before the house sells. With all that aggravation to look forward to, it’s no wonder that homeowners turn to house-flipping companies or investors.


Realtors can take a lot of time to complete the process, and many homes are still sitting on the market without moving while the price goes lower and lower. Instead of going through all that hassle, you can quickly sell to an investor for less than market value. You get rid of a house you no longer want/need, and they make a profit, so both parties win.

Cash Offer

Traditional buyers don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars on hand to put on a house; they require financing. This can take a lot of time and effort on their part, and it might not work out the way you all hope. An investor doesn’t have that problem; they don’t need to get a loan from a banking institution, so they don’t have those same issues. They can write you a check for the agreed-upon amount, and you can take it to your bank that same day.

No Inspections

Cash-for-home companies rarely require an inspection of the house. Instead, a representative comes to your home to assess the situation. They may take notes, but they aren’t going to demand a formal inspection. Therefore, they’re still likely to buy, even if there are a few minor problems with your home.

How you buy

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Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage is a special type of home loan that lets you convert a portion of the equity in your home into cash. The equity that built up over years of home mortgage payments can be paid to you.

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