New location to facilitate the continued rapid growth of the company.

MARIETTA, GA (September 27, 2005) — House Buyer Network, America’s largest home selling solutions company, today announced the official opening of their newly constructed corporate headquarters in Marietta, GA.

“We’ve grown so much and so fast,” said House Buyer Network President Duane LeGate, “that we were forced to move the offices to a larger facility. This was a move that was long overdue.”

Originally scheduled for June, continued construction delays postponed the move more than two months. The new company headquarters provides space to support the continued rapid growth of the business and will house the company’s executive, sales and customer service personnel.

About House Buyer Network
House Buyer Network ( is America’s largest home selling solutions company. Since 2002, the company’s nationwide network of professional home buyers has helped more than 60,000 families and individuals who needed to sell a property fast — processing more than $10 billion in property during that time.

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