New service provides steady stream of motivated sellers to real estate agents nationwide.
MARIETTA, GA (September 29, 2005) — House Buyer Network, America’s largest home selling solutions company, announced today the official launch of The site provides information to real estate agents nationwide about how to receive a consistent flow of homeowners who need to sell a house fast.

“Our primary business is connecting homeowners with home buyers,” said House Buyer Network President Duane LeGate, “but many situations just aren’t right for a home buyer solution. That’s when the homeowner could really use a real estate agent who knows how to sell a home quickly and has the resources to make that happen. We’re matching them up with agents just like that.”

Real estate agents subscribe to leads from one or more of the sites in the company’s network of sites, and those leads are delivered to the agent immediately after the homeowner submits their information. The agent receives complete details on the homeowner’s situation and can begin talking to the homeowner with a good idea of what solution might work best for their particular scenario, creating an ideal situation for both parties.

Philadelphia REALTOR® Marie Major-Washington commented on the new service: “I’ve been a client now for just a few weeks, but I’m very excited about the responses I’m getting after calling potential sellers. All the leads I get are homeowners looking to sell right away.”

After beta testing with selected agents for several weeks, the service is now being launched nationwide, and the company is signing up new agents for exclusive territories on a first-come, first-served basis. Agents can begin to receive leads immediately upon being accepted.

About ( selects professional real estate agents who have proven their ability to sell homes quickly and provides them with exclusive access to thousands of motivated seller leads every month from the House Buyer Network network of sites.

About House Buyer Network
House Buyer Network ( is America’s largest home selling solutions company. Since 2002, the company’s nationwide network of professional home buyers has helped more than 60,000 families and individuals who needed to sell a property fast — processing more than $10 billion in property during that time.

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