Short sales are the hottest thing going in the distressed-property market, and the trend is expected to get even hotter in coming weeks, when the government starts handing out cash to encourage lenders to close these deals.

MARIETTA, GA- HBN Interactive today announced the acquisition of, a leading foreclosure help website. has grown by 200% during the last two months and is projected to have well over 500,000 UVs (unique visitors) in 2010. This growth is driven by the site’s collection of foreclosure help experts and foreclosure assistance companies.

“This is a hot area,” said Duane LeGate, CEO of HBN Interactive. “Foreclosures continue to plague the real estate market and there are no clear cut solutions for homeowners. Our mission at is to is to walk the homeowner through the minefield of options and provide them with the service(s) and advice that best suits their personal situation. is a perfect compliment to HBN Interactive’s portfolio of real estate related companies. Some of which include: which focuses on short sales on behalf of the homeowner, which introduces homeowners to quick sale solutions, and ~4,000 other real estate web properties with related resources. Since its establishment in 2004, HBN’s real estate vertical has expanded from a single website to include over 4,000 principal websites which consist of millions of monthly page views.

“We are very focused on helping homeowners face the challenges in today’s extreme real estate market. By leveraging HBN Interactive’s suite of services, homeowners can: sell their house in a quick and efficient manner, short sale their house with HBN’s experts, buy discounted property, and perform various other real estate related transactions.” added LeGate. “We believe the market will continue to struggle for years, and we plan to continue to bring innovative solutions to the market that will benefit homeowners that need immediate assistance.

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Founded in 2004, HBN Interactive is a unique and leading Internet Real Estate Media Company. HBN Interactive has assisted close to one million homeowners needing specialized assistance. HBN Interactive has built a network of the best professional service providers in the real estate arena that can assist both home sellers and home buyers.

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A reverse mortgage is a special type of home loan that lets you convert a portion of the equity in your home into cash. The equity that built up over years of home mortgage payments can be paid to you.

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