Company crosses major thresholds for customers, revenue and home submissions.

MARIETTA, GA (December 13, 2005) — House Buyer Network, America’s largest home selling solutions company, today announced several major milestones for 2005. The company began 2005, its third year in existence, having processed $6 billion in property for more than 40,000 customers and will finish the year having almost doubled both of those numbers.

The company crossed the 50,000 customer mark almost midway through the year in May, but traffic was only beginning to increase. Since that time, the company has added more than twice as many customers in the same time period, pushing it over the 70,000 customer mark.

As the number of customers increased, so too did the average home value. The company hit $10 billion in total property processed in August and will add another $3 billion before the end of 2005謡ell more than doubling in one year the home submissions in its first two.

“2005 was truly our breakout year,” said House Buyer Network President Duane LeGate. “The growth has exceeded even our most optimistic projections, and all indicators point to continued growth in 2006.”

Fueled by the increases across the board, the company moved into its new Marietta, GA, headquarters in September and boosted staffing throughout the year.

About House Buyer Network
House Buyer Network ( is America’s largest home selling solutions company. Since 2002, the company’s nationwide network of professional home buyers has helped more than 70,000 families and individuals who needed to sell a property fast — processing more than $12 billion in property during that time.

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