We were falling behind on our mortgage when we contacted House Buyer Network. Not only did they help us sell our property, but it was sold quickly and with real class.

We were able to save our credit and walk away from the closing table with cash in our pockets. What a big relief! Thanks House Buyer Network.

–Timothy and Julie U.

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  House Buyer Network is a single-source solution for the property selling process. Through our strategic partnerships, we can not only assist you in the selling of your home, but also provide you with resources like moving services, mortgage services,sell house Sacramento fast for cash and home insurance products.  

Benefits of Working With Us

Cash Offer

When you fill out the form or call us, we will get you a no-obligation cash offer.

Close Fast

In most situations we can close within a few weeks or less.

Easy Process

Our goal at House Buyer Network™ is to make the home-selling experience straight forward and stress free.


Forget about making those costly repairs. We'll buy your home in it's current condition.

  • Mortgage Issues
  • Behind on Taxes
  • Problem Tenants
  • Title Issues
  • Divorce
  • Condemned Property
  • Probate
  • No Equity
  • Expired Listing
  • Pre-foreclosure
  • Bankruptcy
  • Retiring
  • Fire Damage
  • Code Violations
  • Hoarders
  • Downsizing
  • Liquidating assets
  • Disability
  • Title Issues
  • Liens
  • Squatters
  • Inherited
  • Trouble Selling
  • Ugly House
  • Extensive Repairs
  • Job Loss
  • Relocation
  • Medical Bills
  • Legal Bills
  • Judgements

Looking to sell your house fast in New Jersey?

We buy houses fast in New Jersey!

Welcome to House Buyers Network Mercer County

We buy houses in Mercer County, New Jersey in the shortest time possible. Want to sell your house fast for cash? Don’t have time to wait for endless real estate New Jersey meetings and meaningless correspondences?

The House Buyer Network is reinventing the real estate New Jersey transactions with its speedy, hassle-free buying process. Instead of making small talk and pushing you to pay for expensive renovations, we help you secure a deal faster than you can say ‘Who will buy my house in Mercer County?’

Who Are We? 

The House Buyer Network is a reputable home buying company. We help homeowners who want to sell their houses fast and those who need to stop mortgage issues.

We offer you a one-stop-solution to sell your home in exchange for fair cash.It’s an easy trade for your homes that doesn’t involve commission fees or a hefty bill for maintenance costs and renovations.

We buy houses in Mercer County in any condition and offer additional services at the time of need. Our local home buyers in Mercer County are ready to assist minus the realtor’s fee.

So what’s the catch?

No catch, whatsoever!That’s the beauty of selling homes with House Buyer Network.

We don’t have any demands or extra charges.

Our primary goal is to purchase homes in any situation so that homeowners like you don’t suffer in the hands of money-minded realtors. 

Think about it!

No realtors, no listings, no remodeling, no delays.

You can sell your house, pack up and go without getting wound up in the real estate New Jersey jungle. 

Don’t fall into the rabbit hole of real estate New Jersey rules and regulations.Sell your house quickly and efficiently with Mercer County’s best home buying company.

How Do I Sell My House?

Selling a house with us is as easy as 1, 2 and 3

Step 1: The Contact 

Want to sell your home? Give us the 411 and we’ll be there!If you want to sell your home fast without any hassle, then you can give us a call. We’ll ask you a few questions about your house and its current condition. Then use these details to give you a rough estimate on the spot.What if you don’t have time to ring us up?  That’s okay! You can contact us online by filling our home seller’s form.  The form asks you to submit your property information and the required contact details. We do our best to respond to online requests within 24 hours of submission. In case you don’t hear from us, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via phone or email. 

Step 2: The Assessment Plan 

How much does your house cost? Get the market value with the help of our seasoned home buyer specialist. Once you agree to work with us, we’ll send one of our experts for a home visit. The specialist will come over to examine your house and go through the essential details. You are requested to walk them through each room and pinpoint all areas of concern.After this, they will give you a final closing offer. If you’re interested, our representative will provide you with a sales agreement. They’ll help you understand the terms and conditions so that you can enter this partnership without any doubts. Signing the form would give us the green signal to proceed towards the last stage of this transaction. Will the repairs and maintenance issues effect the price? No. As cash buyers, our sole interest lies in your property and neighborhood. So we do our best to quote a fair cash amount that is made after assessing the value of your house (without adding in the repairs and maintenance cost).Rest assured we are ready to buy your houses in any condition. So these minute details will not compromise the final close offer. 

Step 3: The Final Step 

Want to sell your house fast for cash? We close the deal within weeks after the home visit.When you choose to accept our offer, we start working on a timeline to sell your home. Once the closing date is finalized, you simply have to sign the dotted line. You’ll get your cash shortly after the final paperwork.What happens next?You move to your next home in record time!Our simplified buying process lets you have the best closing offer in Mercer County, New Jersey. We give you the freedom to stop worrying about selling your home and start preparing for the next phase in life. 

Why Should You Choose Us?

The House Buyer Network doesn’t believe in hassling sellers to bring down their prices. Nor do we want you to worry about repairs and maintenance prior to the sale. We buy houses in Mercer County, New Jersey at lightning speed.We’re ready to buy ugly houses, rundown houses and everything in between.We can also help you stop foreclosure and help you sell houses fast without going through a tedious transaction process. With us by your side, you can expect:

Cash Offer

Want to know how much does your house cost? We won’t stall! You can get a quick quote as soon as you call us. You just have to fill the form and submit your property information. Our home buyer specialist will give you an instant estimate with zero obligations in a matter of minutes. 

Quick Settlements

Don’t want to spend months trying to close a deal?We don’t like it either. Our smooth and speedy process allows you to sell your homes in Mercer County, New Jersey fast. In many cases, we will buy your house in a matter of weeks or quicker if your paperwork is in order. 

Simple Selling Process

Think real estate New Jersey is too complicated.No worries! We promise to keep things simple and straightforward during our interactions. We skip the usual discourse on real estate New Jersey investing and cut you a fair deal. Our work involves handling paperwork, mortgages, insurance, and more. So you can expect us to manage your transaction without reeling in a real estate New Jersey investor. 

Zero Demands 

Did people tell you that nobody will buy your ugly house?People have known to be mistaken. We aren’t that fussy when it comes to buying and selling houses. We will buy your house in its current condition. This will allow you to sell your house fast without stressing over repairs, maintenance, listings, and whatnots.

No Questions Asked

Are you avoiding foreclosure? 

Our only mission is to buy house in Mercer County, New Jersey in spite of their condition or mortgage status. We understand that life turns in unexpected ways, and sometimes you need to sell your homes as soon as possible. At times like these, wasting time on listings, open houses, and buyer settlements could prove to be expensive for the sellers. That’s why we offer you the easy way out. We are ready to take over the house in just a few weeks. All you’ve got to do is give us a call. So forget about those costly repairs, real estate New Jersey technicalities, and other time-consuming tasks.

Get in touch with our experienced Home Buyer Specialists to get this transaction started.

Sell faster and better with House Buyer Network.

Want to sell a house in Mercer County,New Jersey? 

Dial 855-835-2544 to get your quick quote.

Customer Success Stories:

We found our dream home, but needed to sell our house in quickly before we could buy. We were nervous because we knew we would have to sell quickly. Fortunately a buyer with House Buyer Network made us an offer. We were able to sell and close on our new home all within 40 days.

     –Brian and Barbara Y.


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Mercer County
Middlesex County
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How you buy

Few things in life inspire such uncertainty and fear as buying or selling a home, so we’d like to share our knowledge with you as time goes by to help make that a little less stressful .. Click here to get more info

Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage is a special type of home loan that lets you convert a portion of the equity in your home into cash. The equity that built up over years of home mortgage payments can be paid to you.

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How you buy

Few things in life inspire such uncertainty and fear as buying or selling a home, so we’d like to share our knowledge with you as time goes by to help make that a little less stressful.. Click here to get more info

Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage is a special type of home loan that lets you convert a portion of the equity in your home into cash. The equity that built up over years of home mortgage payments can be paid to you.

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