Real Estate Investors.TV Opens to Public

North American real estate investors get first public look at vast online resource for real estate investment education.

MARIETTA, GA (January 23, 2007) — More than $2 billion is spent annually in the U.S. on real estate investment education, and House Buyer Network's Real Estate Investors.TV took its first step toward disrupting that industry today with its public launch in North America.

The service was founded on two principles: making top-tier real estate investment education available anywhere, anytime at a very affordable price; and erasing the myth that real estate investment is an easy way to get rich quick.

"True wealth can indeed be made in real estate investment, but it doesn't happen overnight and it takes real work," said House Buyer Network president Duane Legate. "REI.TV was designed from Day 1 to protect investors from swindlers and scam artists who get rich making wild claims to the contrary."

Already boasting hundreds of titles from recognized real estate investment experts ranging from getting started and investment basics to more advanced topics like 1031 exchanges, asset protection and wholesaling, REI.TV will constantly be adding more educational content.

Among the experts already providing educational material are RealtyTrac, Inc., the nation's third largest real estate site, and the Georgia Real Estate Investors Association (GaREIA).

"To educate yourself on the 'do's and don'ts' of real estate investing, I haven't seen a better website anywhere than Real Estate Investors.TV," said RealtyTrac vice president Rick Scharga.

GaREIA executive director Diana Rainoff agreed. "The broad selection of online content—by actual real estate investors—gives you a leg up on becoming a real estate investing success. Honest, up-front presenters like Vena Jones-Cox, Don DeRosa and Mike Collins tell it like it is and what it takes to succeed."

REI.TV subscriptions are available for $39.95 monthly or $299 for a yearly subscription.

About Real Estate Investors.TV (REI.TV)

Real Estate Investors.TV is the world’s most extensive online library of video, audio and text-based training materials for real estate investors.

About House Buyer Network

House Buyer Network is America's largest home selling solutions company. Since 2002, the company's nationwide network of professional home buyers has helped more than 125,000 families and individuals who needed to sell a property fast — processing $30 billion in property during that time.

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